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Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Download this puzzle and play the audio on each sticker to help you place it in the box with the correct homophone.

Download the puzzle file: Open this link on your iPad and then choose to Open in Stick Around. You need to have Stick Around installed on your iPad in order to play this puzzle. Download Stick Around from the App Store.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

It's one thing for students to play a puzzle. It's far more powerful for them to create, test, refine, and share their own homophone puzzles! Stick Around empowers youngsters to use their own photos or drawings and record their own sentences.

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You might notice when you begin the puzzle that the start screen has a web link to tonyv.me/homophonemonkey. Clicking this link displays the YouTube video "Homophone Monkey" (embedded below). It's a 67 second cartoon with a catchy song about homophones.