Federalism: National & State Government Powers

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The United States Constitution establishes a system where power is shared between state and national governments. This is called federalism. Download this puzzle to see if you can place each power in the correct part of the Venn diagram.

Download the puzzle file: Open this link on your iPad and then choose to Open in Stick Around. Puzzle files can be played, but cannot be edited or changed.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

You need to have Stick Around installed on your iPad in order to play this puzzle or to open the project file. Download Stick Around from the App Store.

You might notice when you begin the puzzle that the start screen has a web link to http://lawgovpol.com/what-else-can-change-federal-state-powers/. Clicking this link opens the web page in Stick Around's browser so players can read about federalism before beginning the puzzle. The start screen also has a video tutorial I recorded in Explain Everything. I made this video by exporting the puzzle to Explain Everything, recording the tutorial, and exporting the XPL file to Stick Around.


Download the project file: Open this link on your iPad and then choose Open in Stick Around. Project files can be modified. I'm supplying the project file in case you want to add to or edit the puzzle.