August 2012

Get a head start and download these four apps that we'll use today:

Create a Google Form. Then when viewing its spreadsheet, add a Maps gadget. for sticky notes. You can use your own image as the background. Our PBL Tools canvas is at

A little reminder. When an app asks, the usual best answer are Location - Yes! Notifications - No!

Send images from iPad's Photo Library to a Mac or PC using the Bump app on iPad and going to on the computer.

Make collages using the Pic Collage app.

Use the Edmodo app to upload images to a group. SSEDS Teachers Group Code is otghom. Remember, to add an image to Edmodo, you must first add it t your Edmodo Library using the camera icon at the top of the Edmodo app. After it's added to your library, you can then create a new Note and add the image from your Edmodo Library.

Excite students about a project with an anchor activity. An anchor is a story, mystery, or situation that gets kids curious for the project. is a rich resource for video clips that could serve as project anchors.

Download videos from Discovery Education, YouTube, and others using the iCab Mobile browser app. Simply touch and hold a video to see the save option.

Create step-by-step how-tos using the Snapguide app. View guides at, including Apple Smiles.

Reflecting is an important part of PBL. It can help your students do even better on their next one. app lets you record for up to 30 seconds and a share a link to the recording.

Maybe there are five part to project-based learning…






Bonus: TED Talk: Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel