With hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store and tens of thousands in the Education category, it can be a challenge to wade through the junk to find the gems. Tony Vincent has been working with mobile apps for over a decade and has lots to share about what goes into a fantastic app for learning. We will analyze why some of the most popular educational apps are so loved and why others fall short. We'll also explore alternatives to searching the App Store to find the best apps, discover the top educational app review websites, and see examples of the best app developers have to offer teachers and students.

Web Links

  1. Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps
  2. appitic.com
  3. iear.org
  4. tonyv.me/applists
  5. tonyv.me/appcrayon
  6. bingobaker.com

Apps Mentioned

  1. Game for Cats
  2. Kitty Wigs
  3. Hudson Alpha iCell
  4. Math Drills Lits
  5. Factor Samurai
  6. Futaba
  7. Sentence Builder
  8. Puppet Pals
  9. Angry Birds
  10. Motion Math
  11. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
  12. Explain Everything
  13. iMovie
  14. Splice
  15. Snapguide
  16. i-nigma
  17. iCab Mobile
  18. Rover
  19. Math Evolve
  20. Pic Collage
  21. Edmodo
  22. Price Inflation
  23. Little Speller Free
  24. Flipboard
  25. TextGrabber
  26. SonicPics
  27. Sock Puppets
  28. Math Bingo
  29. Kid's Journal
  30. Bump
  31. Popplet
  32. Giant Timer
  33. Pupil Picker
  34. 32
  35. Rounding
  36. eNotebook
  37. Mad Libs
  38. Word Libs