1. Tony Vincent's Mobile Movie Making page with examples from the morning session.
  2. Find free podcasts and iTunes collections in the iTunes Store. Angles Example.
  3. Save an image from a web page by tapping and holding the image until the Save Image button appears.
  4. Use the Notes app as a text editor. The first line of a note is its title. Notes can be emailed.
  5. Posterous is a free blog service that accepts postings through email. The teacher can moderate posts and comments before they appear.
  6. The Posterous site for today's workshop is at
  7. iPod touches without cameras require an external microphone in order to record audio.
  8. Doodle Buddy is a drawing app. Load an image as a background to draw on top of it.
  9. Images and pictures are saved and accessible through the Photos app.
  10. Take a screenshot by holding the Sleep (top) button and quickly pressing the Home button. The screen will flash and the screenshot is saved in the Photos app.
  11. Maps uses Google's maps, satellite images, and street view panoramas.
  12. Adobe Photoshop Express allows for cropping, resizing, rotating, and enhancing images.
  13. Comic Touch Lite is the app for adding speech bubbles and captions to photos.
  14. Bump is the app for sending photos or contacts to another handheld.
  15. Make any image into a jigsaw puzzle using Up in Pieces.
  16. SonicPics combines photos and narration into a video file. Watch a video to learn more.
  17. Combine images, text, and audio into online storybooks using StoryKit.
  18. Dos and Don'ts for iPod touches in the classroom.