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iPad Permissions

The first time an app is opened on an iPad, it might ask for permission. It's a good idea to allow access to Photos, Microphone, and Location. Don't allow access to Contacts, and don't allow Notifications. If Photos or Microphone gets turned off for a particular app, Open the Settings app and choose Privacy to turn on the feature for the app.


QR codes are great for providing explanations (among many other things). Use the i-nigma app to scan codes and to create them. Read lots more about QR codes and watch Tony's video.

Pic Collage for Kids

Create digital posters with Pic Collage. Choose a background color, and add as many photos and text boxes as you'd like. Click the Share button to save to the iPad's Photo Library.

Getting Images & Videos from an iPad

Use iPad's USB cable to connect iPad to a computer. The computer will see iPad's Photo Library as a digital camera/SD card. Read Apple's article about copying images and videos to a Mac or Windows computer.


AirDrop is a way to send photos and videos from the Photos app to another iPad using the Share menu. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on (but the iPad does not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot). 

Write About This and Tell About This

Write About This gives students images as writing prompts and can save as an image in the Camera Roll. Tell About This also uses images as prompts, and students can record their voices. Tell About This saves as a video in the Camera Roll.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Take a series of photos in the Camera app. Then open Shadow Puppet Edu and start a new project. Import photos from the Camera Roll and record a narration as you swipe through the photos. Saves as a video in iPad's Camera Roll. Check out Shadow Puppet Edu's Lesson Ideas. Here's a PDF to help you get started with the app.

ChatterPix Kids

Take a photo of anything and add a mouth in Chatterpix Kids. Record up to 30 seconds of audio, add text, and save as a video to iPad's Camera Roll.


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