Crazy for QR Codes

You've surely seen those black and white squares in advertisements, on buildings, and stuck to bananas. They are QR codes, and they are being put to great use in classrooms. See exactly how QR codes can save time and help make classrooms a little more interactive. Tony Vincent will share some of his favorite free online tools for creating codes and some very creative ways they are used for teaching and learning.

Tony Vincent's QR code podcast and transcript with links.

Scan QR Codes with the i-nigma app for iOS and Android.

Scan QR codes on Windows, Macintosh, or a Chromebook using

What's missing from these quotes? QR codes hide the answer!

Make your own QR codes at or Or, do a Google search for qr code generator to find one you like.

Think you might want to change what a QR code does? Then you better make your code at

QR codes can link to anything that has a URL. This includes for making stylish quotes and for making animated text.

Brother QL-570 USB label printer is great for making QR code stickers.

Do Try This at Home QR- Code-enabled worksheets.

Upload a document and get a QR code for it at

Shorten web links and create QR codes with Bitly. If you are logged in, you can add the link to your account and see statistics on when and where the code was clicked.

QR code book reviews and book trailers are great. Instead of making a text QR code, link the code to a website where you can write a longer review and perhaps include images. Try a site like  your own website, or a wiki.

Scan the QR code on these pieces of art and you can hear students talking about what they created.

Easily record audio and get a URL using It uses flash, so you would need to record on a Mac or Windows computer.

Read Box - 2nd graders read books aloud

Funny Movie Maker is an iOS app for replacing the mouth on any photo. It can save to the Camera Roll, which means you can upload to Dropbox.

Install Dropbox on your Mac or PC. Right-click any file you place in your Dropbox folder to copy the public link. Paste that into a QR code generator to make a code to the file! Works with Word, PDF, JPG, audio, and video!

QR codes make for great interactive and multimedia task cards for learning centers.

QR code enabled worksheets from Do Try This at Home

Use to create instant webpages with no login required. Copy the URL and paste into a QR code generator. Another place to make webpages is

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator

Make colorful codes at Also make codes that start email messages or tweets.

Make pretty QR codes at

Reflect with QR codes (includes the QR code dice you can print, fold, and glue).

75 Ways to Say Good Job

QR Code Fraction Jenga

Tony's collection of bookmarks he's tagged "qrcodes"