Pottsville Grades 7-12


October 2014

Driving Questions for Project Based Learning

Click to read about project-based learning and types of driving questions.


Soundation is an online alternative to Apple's GarageBand.

Driving Question Guide

Got a driving question in mind? Use this one-page PDF to help you make your questions even better!


Driving Questions

Click to for our Padlet wall with driving questions shared today.


You can create a Padlet wall and then send students there with a QR code. They can post text, photos, and videos to the wall for easy sharing. Padlet is free and you can create as many walls as you'd like.

Here's how to make a new Padlet wall with my recommended settings:

  • Log into Padlet.com.
  • Click the Modify Wall button.
  • Under profile, give your wall a title and description.
  • Under Layout, change from Freeform to Stream.
  • Under Privacy, checkmark Moderate posts.
  • Under Address, give your wall an easy to type web address.
  • See the QR code under the Share menu.

If you're interested in learning lots more about Padlet (and a similar site called Lino), watch my video.