Free audio and video content can be found in iTunes underPodcasts andiTunes U. We watched The Sippy Cups podcast about juggling with plastic bags.

To save an image in Safari, tap and hold until the Save button appears. Tap Save and the image is stored in the Photo app.

Voice Memos is pre-installed on iPod touch and iPhone. Great uses of voice recording is are studycasts and student reflections.

Speech-to-Text:Dragon Dictation andMerriam-Webster Dictionary

Drawing, Images, and Comics:Doodle Buddy,Adobe Photoshop Express,Comic Touch LiteStoryKit,Splice

iBooks for storing and reading eBooks and PDFs. Tap and hold while viewing a PDF in Safari to open in iBooks. We read Garbage, Monter, Burp! by Tom Watson.

BEFORE READING (sample activities)

  • View video from iTunes U or Podcasts
  • Browse the web to gain background knowledge
  • Record answers to background knowledge questions using Voice Memos
  • Create comics about vocabulary words
  • Use Bump app to send vocabulary words to another iPod touch
  • Use Up in Pieces (a.k.a. PuzzleGame) app to turn any image into a jigsaw puzzle
  • Practice flashcards at Quizlet.com or with the Flashcards+ app.

DURING READING (sample activities)

  • Read book in the iBooks app.
  • We read Garbage! Monster! Burp! from the iBooks Store
  • Use PollEverywhere to collect predictions
  • Create comics to show what a character is thinking using Comic Touch Lite app
  • Use Idea Sketch app to make mind maps

AFTER READING (sample activities)

  • Puppet Pals app for retelling the story
  • Use iBooks app to make notes and email them to the teacher
  • Use StoryKit app to make a sequel story

 Remember, you can alwayscontact Tony Vincentwith questions and successes!

Apps Mentioned: