Friday, April 18, 2014 at Navy Point Elementary

Engage today's students with the hottest technology around: iPad! Former teacher Tony Vincent has specialized in using mobile computers for learning for over a decade, and he has useful information, strategies, tips, and ideas to share. Find out why iPad is a fantastic teaching and learning tool. Spend the day learning iPad basics while exploring iPad's role in classrooms. You'll get hands-on time with some of the hottest apps for teachers and students. Participants will learn about QR codes, collages, comics, narrated slideshows, cartoons, and much more. You will leave with loads of  ideas you can immediately put to use in your classroom!

Before the Workshop

  • Bring a fully charged iPad.
  • Know your Apple ID and password.
  • Update your apps.
  • Install the free apps in the box at the top of this page. And easy way to download the apps is to open this web page on your iPad and click each app's View button to be taken directly to that app's page in the App Store.


Print out Plickers for your class and use the Plickers app to scan their responses live.

QR Codes


  • Touch and hold certain keys to access hidden characters. 
  • Pull the keyboard apart to split it into two. Now you can hold iPad while typing with your thumbs.
  • Double-tap the spacebar at the end of sentence to insert a period, a space, and to activate the shift button.
  • Tap the spacebar with two, three, four, or five fingers at once to type that many spaces at once.
  • Shake your device to see the Undo button.
  • You can turn off Autocorrect in the Settings app in General > Keyboard.


  • Photos taken with the camera are saved into the Photos app in an album called Camera Roll. Videos you take with the Camera are also saved there.
  • It's not recommended to use the zoom feature because the image will blur.
  • Tap the screen to focus and white balance just before you take a photo.
  • You can use a volume button to take the photo instead of the onscreen button.


  • Pic Collage app is great for combining images and text
  • Click the Share button to save a collage to your Camera Roll.


Padlet is a free website where you can create a wall. You can open the wall up for others to post. Posts can have text and allow for uploads and links. On an iPad you can only upload photos and videos. Learn lots more about Padlet in Tony's video.

Suggested Padlet Wall Settings

  • Log into
  • Click the Modify Wall button.
  • Under profile, give your wall a title and description.
  • Under Layout, change from Freeform to Stream.
  • Under Privacy, checkmark Moderate posts.
  • Under Address, give your wall an easy to type web address.
  • See the QR code under the Share menu.


Try Perfect Caption for adding speech bubbles and text to a picture or image.

Narrated Slideshows

Bring in a series of images and record audio for each one using the 30hands app. Don't worry about signing in, just skip that step. When done you can publish the exported movie to your Camera Roll.

iPad Tips

  • Save images in Safari by touching and holding the image. Tap the Save button that appears. The image is saved into your Camera Roll/Photo Library/Photos App.
  • When asked, Allow access to Photos and Microphone. You probably do not want to allow apps to push Notifications and access Contacts.
  • Touch and hold an icon to delete the app or to move it.
  • Place apps in folders by touching and holding one app until it wiggles. Then drag one app onto another to create a folder. Add apps by dragging onto the folder.
  • Go to Settings > General > Restrictions to turn off the ability to delete apps.
  • Zoom the screen
  • Turn on Speak Text in Settings > General > Accessibility
  • Guided Access locks iPad into one app
  • AirServer for Mac or PC to wirelessly mirror iPad's screen to a computer
  • Zwipes microfiber clothes for clearing fingerprints from the screen
  • 3 pack of styluses for $1.20 with free shipping


Design an avatar inside of Tellagami. Choose a background. You can make the avatar speak by either recording your voice or typing what you want him or her to say. Tellagami videos are limited to 30 seconds in length--so be concise! The final recording can be saved to the Camera Roll. Read Tellagami in Perspective for some great tips.

Use the PuppetPals HD app for iPad to stage conversations. The puppet shows can be saved as a video in iPad’s Photo Library. The free version has limited characters and backgrounds. To gain access to lots more characters and backgrounds and to have the ability to use any photo in your puppet show, get the Director’s Pass for $2.99. Read Top 10 Tips for Using Puppet Pals.


Read and store digital books in the iBooks app. You can download a pair of free books all about apps for learning. Choose Open in iBooks after the download is complete to being reading.

You can also store and read PDFs in iBooks. Click and then after the PDF loads, choose Open in iBooks. Try it with iPad as the Teacher's Pet Infographic.


Play a review game using the Kahoot! website. Create a teacher account and a quiz. Students go to on their iPads or other devices or computers.