Mobile Learning → Going Forward

March 22, 2013
Hamilton, College in Clinton, New York
Twitter Hashtag: #mls13

Install these apps before we begin: i-nigma (iOS & Android) and Chirp (iOS only).

Make multiple choice and open-ended polls at Take Tony's polls at

Make word clouds on desktop computers using Wordle and Tagul. works on mobile devices.

We're moving from teacher and school ownership of learning to student ownership.

We're moving from talking about apps to talking about workflows.

We're moving from using nouns when talking about mobile learning to using verbs.

Lots of sharing of mobile learning resources, including Pinterest.

Urthecast - Coming soon!

What's your backronym for LEARN, TEACH, STUDENT, FORWARD, DEVICE, GOING, MOBILE, PHONE, or FUTUREThe responses to this will be posted here later.