Main Street Elementary - iPod touch Workshop with Tony Vincent


How to Restart Your Device (a.k.a. #1 Troubleshooting Step)


Make a nametag in your web browser at

Internet Access

  1. Safari Web Browser
  1. Scrolling and zooming
  3. Add to Home Screen
  4. Multiple Windows
  5. Save an image by tapping and hold it
  1. URL vs. Google Fields
  2. URL Shortening with or

Personal Response

  1. eClicker app
  2. Google Forms
  3. Other Clickers

Text Tips

  1. Autocorrection happens automatically until you tap the x.
  2. Tap and hold text to bring up the magnifying loop.
  3. Double-tap Space to insert a period, space, and shift for next character.
  4. Tap and swipe up on the ! key to access the apotrophe.
  5. Shake left and right to undo.

Curriculum Support

  1. Dragon Dictation app
  2. Google Translate app
  3. Talking Tom app
  4. Talking Gina app
  5. Price Inflation app
  6. iCell app

Content Creation

  1. Workflow: Using multiple apps for a task
  2. Audio Memos SE for iPad or Voice Memos app on iPod touch
  1. Radio WillowWeb Podcast
  2. Speaking Tips
    1. Enunciate clearly
    2. Speak at a normal volume
    3. Talk as if you are speaking to a friend
    4. Prepare & practice
    5. Record in short portions
    6. Reduce background noise
    7. Smile!
  1. Doodle Buddy - iPod touch, iPad
  2. Comic Touch Lite app
  3. SonicPics Lite app for narrated slideshows
  4. Bump app for exchanging images
  5. Up in Pieces app
  6. Photoshop Express app
  7. Puppet Pals app - iPod touch, iPad
  8. Splice app for video editing (more Mobile Movie Making)
  9. Scan QR Codes with i-nigma app
  10. Create QR Codes at

Do's and Don'ts

  1. Tony's tips

App Resources

  1. for educational app reviews by educators
  2. Tony Vincent’s list of lists of educational apps
  3. Tony Vincent on Twitter often tweets educational apps that are on sale.
  4. Twitter users are tagging tweets that mention an educational apps with #edapp.Search Twitter for #edapp to see them.

Check out Mobile Learning Experience 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona 11-13.

Email Tony Vincent with questions and successes!