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In his keynote presentation, Tony Vincent demonstrates how mobile learning tools can foster innovation inside and outside of classrooms. Tony shares many examples of how technology can empower teachers and students to do things in new and better ways, including flop-flopping homework and lectures, presenting projects, and creating study aids.

The Status Quo is the current state of affairs. It’s how things are done. Often we hear that “we’ve always done it this way.” Other times we’re waiting for a better way to come along. To question the status quo, we ask “what if” and “why not.”

Dr. Hal Gregersen and his colleagues have surveyed 3,500 executives and creative individuals and closely tracked the habits of 25 exceptional entrepreneurs, all with the aim of figuring out the qualities that set the great innovators of the world apart from everyone else. Read about their findings.

Compliance is doing as you’re told. It’s all about following instructions, not questioning the rules or developing alternatives.

Below are examples of leaving the status quo behind and doing things in different and better ways.

Examples from Industry

  1. Tagless t-shirts
  2. Roomba robot vacuum cleaner
  3. Litter Robot catbox
  4. Grid-it organizer
  5. Star Trek examples: Transporters & Touchscreens
  6. Star Trek Fanfilms
  7. My Scrip Calculator app
  8. Dropbox and for online storage instead of a flash drive
  9. Copy is a "copy" of Dropbox where you start with 15GB of storage
  10. Double-sided name tags

Examples from Education

  1. Students take their notes directly into a flashcard site or app like Quizlet.
  2. Instead of cover, think uncover or discover
  3. “The greatest obstacle to learning is coverage.” -Howard Gardner
  4. Set Google Advanced Search as a computer’s home page
  5. Search Diigo for classroom resources booked marked by other teachers
  6. Search Slideshare
  7. Search Pinterest 
  8. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 
  9. Flip the classroom by doing lecture at home and work at school
  10. Educreations iPad app for easily recording instructional videos
  11. Students make their own math instructional videos at 
  12. Students can now have an audience outside of the classroom for what they create and do.
  13. Puppet Pals app for iPad and iPhone for making videos
  14. Haiku Deck app for iPad helps streamline and beautify slideshow presentations

Examples from Tony Vincent’s Classroom

  1. Number students in reverse alphabetical order
  2. Give spelling tests on Tuesdays
  3. Do science experiments at the start of a unit
  4. Be creative with your class website name (Planet 5th vs. Mr. Vincent's 5th Grade)
  5. It's ok, in fact, necessary to make mistakes. Example: teaching history backwards

Genius Hour video and website

Five skills seen in innovative CEOs include:

  1. questioning
  2. observing
  3. experimenting
  4. networking
  5. associating

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Read the chat room at for more ideas.

QuestionChallenge, and Change the Status Quo!