September 9, 2013


  • Teachers can quickly get a pulse of the class.
  • All students can have a say.
  • PollEverywhere.com is a free service for making polls.

4 Cs

More Opportunities Belong in Learning Environments

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App Store

  • Nearly 900,000 apps. 95,000 in the Education category. 473 added every on an average day.
  • There are apps for just about everything.
  • App won't replace teachers, but offer students a great toolkit for processing their learning by explaining, retelling, and expressing their knowledge.
  • Great opportunities for creativity and for students to make something.


  • The free app Pic Collage is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.
  • Combine images and text into one large image.
  • Share online or print.
  • Great for vacation photos and vocabulary words.


Clean the screen with water. Clear fingerprints with microfiber clothes. Sanitize the screen with a UV sanitizing light.

Make short videos with a voice over using the Videolicious app.