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  2. Set up a free account to use for email if you don't already have an email account
    1. Setting up as Exchange seems to work best.
    2. Preferences for WiFi, brightness, date, time, and more are in the Settings app
    3. Verbs: tap, double-tap, pinch, spread, slide, tilt, two-finger tap, two-finger slide, etc.
    4. Safari is the built-in web browser for iOS
    5. Shorten URLs with services like,, and
    6. Point 2 View USB camera is $69
    7. Text typed into Notes can be emailed
    8. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch all use the iOS
    9. App Store metrics
    10. iPad can run most all iPhone and iPod touch apps
    11. Universal apps are one file that contains specific iPad and iPhone versions
    12. How to create an iTunes account without a credit card
    13. Jumbo Calculator is free
    14. Power Search the App Store in iTunes to narrow your search to iPad and free. The Power Search button appears on all search results pages in the top left corner
    15. Apple's Education Volume Purchase Program for the App Store
    16. Audio Memos Free for recording and emailing audio recordings
    17. Watch Tony's video to see how to post audio memos online via email
    18. Dragon Dictation for voice-to-text
    19. app is a Dictionary and Thesaurus
    20. Take a screenshot by holding down the Sleep button and quickly pressing and releasing the Home button. Screenshots are saved in the Photos app
    21. Adobe Photoshop Express for image cropping, rotation, and more
    22. Doodle Buddy for simple drawings
    23. Apple has three productivity apps: PagesKeynote, and Numbers. These collectively are known as iWork
    24. Google Docs can be viewed and edited on iPad
    25. Read about recording classroom walkthrough using Google Forms
    26. Evernote app and for storage, accessing, & organizing notes, files, and images
    27. Dropbox for storing and accessing file among multiple computers, phones, and iPads
    28. iTunes U for selected educational content - K-12 and university
    29. iBooks for saving and viewing PDFs
    30. Khan Academy is in iTunes U
    31. Podcasts for any kind of audio and video content
    32. is a video podcast by students
    33. Math Dude is an audio podcast
    34. Number Line is an app for comparing fractions, decimals, and percents
    35. Motion Math is a game for developing number sense with fractions decimals, and percents
    36. Blog post about teachers using podcasts as homework and some research results
    37. Idea Sketch for planning a project and mind mapping
    38. GeoMaster - US States is a geography game
    39. When researching on the web, remember that anyone can put anything on the web
    40. Atomic Web is an alternative to Safari with in-page search and tabbed browsing
    41. Side by Side is an alternative to Safari that features up to 4 windows open at once
    42. Comic Touch
    43. Strip Designer
    44. SonicPics for creating narrated slideshows from image saved in Photos
    45. Storyrobe (free) for creating narrated slideshows from imaged saved in Photos
    46. Spoken Motion for recording and drawing
    47. StoryKit for making talking picture books that can be publshed online
    48. SketchyandFlipbookfor animations
    49. for app review from educators
    50. for a web-based alternative to iTunes' App Store
    51. eClicker and eClicker Host student response system
    52. iPhone/iPod touch for Administrators at Apple Learning Interchange 
    53. Tony's slides from today in PDF format

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