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Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

PollEverywhere.com is for making quick survey questions.

Zwipes microfiber clothes are great for removing fingerprints.

UVC Sanitizing Light can kill germs.

5 ways to display your iPad's screen on a projector.

Garbarge, Monster, Burp iBook. Download the iBooks app first.

Here is the vocabulary list for Garbage, Monster, Burp.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

App Crayon and other styluses

Limit your iPad to running just a single app


  • Comic Touch Lite
  • Bump (works with the website bu.mp)
  • Pic Collage
  • Puzzle Game (a.k.a. Up in Pieces)
  • Little Speller (here are directions for making your own list)
  • Quizlet (and Quizlet.com)
  • Read QR codes with i-nigma
  • BingoBaker.com


  • Popplet Lite for mind maps
  • Word Mover
  • Trading Cards
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Mad Lips Free
  • Puppet Pals HD


  • Doodle Buddy has stamps
  • Skitch for drawing on photos
  • Educreations for narrating while drawing
  • 10 Frame Fill
  • Geoboard
  • Lots more math apps on Pinterest