November 18, 2011

Take the Survey

Survey was made using Google Forms, part of Google Docs.

Today's Meet Chat Room

Ask and answer questions throughout our time together.

Garbage! Monster! Burp!

Free eBook in the iBooks Store 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Full dictionary with voice search

Doodle Buddy

Drawing app with text tool

Save an image from a website

Tap and hold an image in Safari and tap Save Image. It's saved in the Photos app.

Comic Touch Lite

Choose an image from the Photos app. Place speech bubbles and captions on top of the comic.

PuzzleGame (a.k.a. Up in Pieces)

Choose an image in Photos to make into a playable jigsaw puzzle.

Vocabulary Puzzle 1 and Vocabulary Puzzle 2

Idea Sketch

Make mind maps

SonicPics Lite

Narrate a series of images. End product is a movie file. Lite version has a limit of 3 images.

Puppet Pals

Choose characters and backdrops to create an animation


Import flashcard sets from


Make websites with images, text, and sounds

Little Speller Lite

Tap the settings icon to make custom sets of words, complete with your own images and recordings.


Scan QR codes. Create codes at

Read app reviews for educators, by educators at

Browse for apps at

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