September 28, 2011

Power down and restart iPad by holding down the Sleep button until "Slide to Power Off" appears. After the screen goes black, hold down Sleep until the Apple logo appears and wait for the device to restart.

Safari is the web browser. Stretch to zoom, pinch to zoom out. Tap the Share button to save a webapage as a bookmark or to save it to the Home screen. Tap and hold an image in Safari to save it to Photos.

The onscreen keyboard appears when you have a blinking cursor and are ready to type. Double-tap spacebar after a sentence to insert a period, space, and shift to capitalize next sentence. Double-tap a word and use the blue circles to adjust highlighting before choosing Copy. Paste anywhere you have a cursor by tapping it. Shake to undo.

Merriam-Webster Dicarionary app allows you to search by speaking.

Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app. The text can be copied and pasted into other apps or emailed.

QuickVoice Recorder is an app for recording audio. Studycasts are a great use of audio recording.

Doodle Buddy for iPad is a simple drawing app. You can bring in any image saved in Photos as a background. Doodle Buddy saves its images into the Photos app.

Buy three-packs of styluses for less than $2 on Amazon.

Comic Touch Lite app is for putting speech bubbles and captions on top of an image. The image can be anything in the Photos app.

Bump can be used to send an image from one device to another. Bump must be running on both devices. The images are transferred to and from the Photos app.

Up in Pieces (a.k.a. PuzzleGame) can take any image in the Photos app and turn it into a playable jigsaw puzzle.

Workflow is the word given to the process of using a variety of apps to accomplish a task.

Quizlet.com is an repository of flash card decks submitted by its users. Most features work in iPad's Safari browser. You can use an app liek Flashcards* on iPad to import sets from Quizlet. Students can make their own flashcards in the Flashcards* app.

PuppetPals HD is an animation app. It costs $2.99 to unlock all of the extra puppets and backgrounds.

Find app review for teachers, by teachers at iear.org.

Find app deals and easily search the App Store using AppShopper.com

Apple's iPad User Guide PDF at tonyv.me/ipadpdf


  1. Jumbo Calculator
  2. QuickVoice Recorder - Record and email audio recordings
  3. Dragon Dictation - Speech-to-text software. Requires and internet connection.
  4. Dictionary.com - Free dictionary
  5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary - iPhone app that includes voice search
  6. Doodle Buddy for iPad - Drawing app. Import photo as the background.
  7. Comic Touch Lite - Add speech bubbles and captions to an image
  8. Bump - Send contact information, photos, or app links by bumping devices
  9. Strip Designer - $2.99 comic creation app
  10. iBooks - Save and read PDF and ePub files. Includes its own store.
  11. Pages - $9.99 word processor and page layout app. Exports to Word.
  12. Numbers - $9.99 spreadsheet app. Exports to Excel.
  13. Keynote - $9.99 slideshow app. Exports to PowerPoint.
  14. Evernote - Store text, images, and sounds locally and online for access anywhere.
  15. Math Drills Lite - Math fact practice
  16. Number Line - Arrange fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line
  17. Motion Math - $1.99 game for practicing number sense with fractions, decimals,a and percents.
  18. iCell - Explore 3D plant, animal, and bacteria cells.
  19. Flashcards* - App for accessing and studying flash cards sets from Quizlet
  20. Idea Sketch - Concept mapping app
  21. SonicPics - $2.99 iPhone app for creating narrated slideshows
  22. Puppet Pals - Create narrated movies. Free but includes many in-app purchases.
  23. Songify - Turn talking into music. Not recommended for student use since it contains songs form the internet