Get Creative with Google Slides and Drawings

Teachers and students can do amazing things with Google Slides and Google Drawings! Let’s take a look at how to use these two great apps to be creative and to collaborate! You’ll get to take part in making a digital booklet and fashioning an interactive digital poster. That’s in addition to seeing an array of fantastic ways of putting Slides and Drawings to good use. Inventive ideas include publishing collaborative alphabet books, editing images, constructing timelines, creating infographics, publishing newsletters, and making narrated presentations. Note that many of these ideas work best on a computer and won't necessarily work smartphones and tablets.

Glanceable Graphics


Graphic Organizers

More Ideas for Drawings




Collaborative Book

  • Create one Google Slides document your whole class will share

  • Add a slide for each student or each group

  • Optionally create an index slide that links to the other slides

  • Share the document with students and assign a slide number

  • Idea: Students use to record audio and add links to slides

  • Go to File > Publish to the web to get embed code for your website

Make an index slide by inserting a table with names or topics. Then link each item to its slide. See examples below.

Image Maps

Creating a collaborative Google Slides presentation where students each have their own slide? Create a slide for each student. Then use the Polyline tool to outline each student. Link each shape to the student's slide. Select all the shapes and give them a transparent outline and fill. When in Present view, each person's photo is a clickable hotspot.


Interactive Slideshows


  • Record voice as you present a slideshow using the Screencastify Chrome extension

  • Saves to Google Drive where you can get a shareable link to the video file


Mind Maps

  • Shapes can be connected with links in Drawing and Slides by dragging a line a purple dot on a shape

  • Use arrow keys to nudge shapes

  • Hold down shift while arrowing to nudge precisely

  • Google Drawings Mind Map Tips