A Canvas for Learning: Online Sticky Note Walls

 Padlet and Lino are the two best online sticky note services around. They are web-based and work great on iPads, PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Walls can be set up so that students can use them without logins or passwords, making them easy to infuse into lessons. And the sticky notes aren't limited to text–they can have images, videos, and hyperlinks. Discover how teachers are using these virtual message boards everyday to collect student products, power communication, and fuel productive collaboration.

Get the transcript from Tony's video at learninginhand.com/26

New Padlet Wall Settings

  • Log into Padlet.com.
  • Click the Modify Wall button.
  • Under profile, give your wall a title and description.
  • Under Layout, change from Freeform to Stream.
  • Under Privacy, checkmark Moderate posts.
  • Under Address, give your wall an easy to type web address.
  • See the QR code under the Share menu.

New Lino Canvas Settings

  • Log into Linoit.com.
  • Name your canvas. Names without spaces make better URLs.
  • Choose or upload a background. 
  • Select Everyone may post stickies .
  • Uncheck all details except Allow guest to post stickies.