1. Responding
  2. Collages
  3. Mottos
  4. Radio WillowWeb
  5. Podcasting
  6. Assessing

Brother QL-570 Label Printer

5 Skills That Result in Big Ideas: Question, Observe, Experiment, Network, Associate


workaround is a method for overcoming a problem or limitation. View Tony's video, "What's a Workaround?" made using Tellagami and Splice.


Use to collect images and video from various devices. Be sure to change the layout to Stream for easier viewing. Watch Tony's video about Padlet and Lino.


  • Here's a Pinterest board full of school-related class mottos.
  • When taking your own photo, hold the camera at or above your eye level. Avoid having a light source behind you.
  • Skitch is available for most all platforms and allows you to add text and annotations to an image.

Shorten web addresses at or



Speaking Mistakes

  • Talking too fast
  • Dropping off ends of words
  • Popping pā€™s
  • Puking
  • Eating the mic
  • Touching the mic or cord

Speaking Advice

  • Enunciate clearly
  • Speak at a normal volume
  • Prepare & practice
  • Record in short portions
  • Reduce background noise
  • Stress ball
  • Smile!

Recording Apps & Software

  • iOS: Voice Record Pro or GarageBand ($)
  • Android: Smart Voice Recorder
  • Kindle Fire: Easy Voice Recorder
  • Chromebooks, Macs & PCs:
  • Web-based:
  • Macintosh: Audacity or GarageBand
  • Windows: Audacity



  • Upload to your website.
  • Or, put in Dropbox and copy the public link. Hyperlink that on your website or make into a QR code.

Show What You Know Infographic with iPad app and websites for a variety of tasks. - Find apps for various platforms


Thank you for participating! You can always email Tony with questions and successes!