October 31, 2011


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Keyboard tips and Recording Audio




Working with Images




More Apps, Resources, and Classroom Dos and Don'ts

Give your iPad a fresh start by powering down and powering back up.


More Opportunities Belong in Learning Environments

QR Codes: i-nigma app for scanning and for generating

Response Systems for iPad and iPod touch

Check out free audio and video podcasts in iTunes

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app for creating tutorials

The onscreen keyboard appears when you have a blinking cursor and are ready to type. Double-tap spacebar after a sentence to insert a period, space, and shift to capitalize next sentence. Double-tap a word and use the blue circles to adjust highlighting before choosing Copy. Paste anywhere you have a cursor by tapping it. Shake to undo.

Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app. The text can be copied and pasted into other apps or emailed.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary app allows you to search by speaking.

QuickVoice Recorder is an app for recording audio. Studycasts are a great use of audio recording.

Save an image from the web in the Safari browser by tapping and holding it. The image is saved in the Photos app.

Turn any saved image into a jigsaw puzzle using the Up in Pieces app.

Doodle Buddy for iPad is a simple drawing app. You can bring in any image saved in Photos as a background. Doodle Buddy saves its images into the Photos app.

Buy three-packs of styluses for less than $2 on Amazon.

Adobe Photosop Express app is great for rotating, cropping, and enhancing images.

Comic Touch Lite app is for putting speech bubbles and captions on top of an image. The image can be anything in the Photos app.

Workflow is the word given to the process of using a variety of apps to accomplish a task.

iCell app for exploring a 3D cell and Powers of 10 - Human Hand app for zooming into a hand.

StoryKit app for making web pages with text boxes, audio recordings, and images.

iMovie app or the free Splice app for editing movie clips.

PuppetPals HD is an animation app. It costs $2.99 to unlock all of the extra puppets and backgrounds.

Discovr Apps app for finding related apps to the ones you already like.

Find app review for teachers, by teachers at

Find app deals and easily search the App Store using

App Store's listing of apps for Special Education:

Apple's iPad User Guide PDF at