June 4, 2010


Podcasts can help build background knowledge.

iTunes U is another source for audio and video.

iPod touch will play video in .mp4 or .m4v format.

Download video from YouTube using's bookmark or's email service.

Create playlists to organize audio and video on iPod touch.

Browse the web with Safari.

  • Save an image from the web by tapping and holding the image until the Save option appears.
  • Saved images can be found in the Photos app.

Cut, copy, and paste by tapping and holding your finger to the screen. commercial

Create a jigsaw puzzle from any image using Up in Pieces.

 Create and practice flash cards using iFlipr ($2.99).

  • Type your flashcards online at
  • Be sure to share your flashcard set.
  • Include a unique keyword so students can quickly find your flashcard set.

Draw using iDoodleIt.

Make something you want to remember the iPod's wallpaper.

Download Tony's numbered wallpapers.


Use Google Forms to collect predictions.

PollEverywhere is also a great free option for collection up to 30 responses.

Look up words with the app. It's also a thesaurus.

Locate the setting of a story using Google Maps.

Take a screenshot by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and then pressing Home.

  • The image is saved in the Photos app.

 Make comics using ComicTouch Lite or Strip Designer ($2.99).

Create frame-by-frame animations with Sketchy ($0.99).

Record reflection with voice memos. You'll need to attach a microphone.

Dragon Dictation can be used to convert spoken words into text.

  • A microphone is required.
  • Copy and paste the text into any app.


SimpleMind Xpress is a simple mind-mapping app.

  • Co-create maps that describe characters in the story.
  • Create cause-and-effect and sequence maps.

eClicker Host ($9.99) works with the free eClicker app as a student response system.

Narrate a sereies of photos and turn it into a video using SonicPics ($2.99).

Teacher Apps

Set alarms in the calendar as reminders.

The Random Activity Generator ($2.99)

HanDBase ($9.99) and StoreIt ($1.99) can be used for information data collection.

Remotely control your computer with Air Mouse.

Finding Apps

Perform a Power Search to search only free apps.

Other places to find apps and reviews are:

Dos and Don'ts


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