August 2015

Explain Everything is a paid iPad app where you draw on a whiteboard. You can have multiple slides and record audio on each slide. The end product can be exported as a video and posted online (or in Google Drive, see below).

Need help getting started? From Explain Everything's main screen (the one listing your projects), click the i button at the top right corner. There you can go through the Welcome Guide, Help, and Video Tutorials.

Download the free Explain Everything User Manual as an iBook.

The Pictorial Superiority Effect (PSE) is described in Brain Rules by John Medina. Humans remember pictures a whole lot better than they remember words. Tested 72 hours after exposure to information, people remember about 10 percent of what was presented orally. If you add a photo, that figure jumps of to 65 percent. 

To save an image you are viewing in Safari, press and hold the image until the Save button appears. Clicking Save will place a copy of the image in your Camera Roll for use in other apps. The Camera Roll is an album that's inside of your Photo Library. The Photo Library can be accessed by other apps and you can view your library using the Photos app.

When saving images, it’s best to save the largest version of the image available. You can shrink an image and it will still look great. However, enlarging a small image will look blurry.

Saving a graphic or clipart? Choose PNG (Portable Network Graphic). This file type allow for transparent backgrounds. That means you probably won’t have a white box around your image. That's nice, huh?

Use Google Classroom to collect students' Explain Everything projects. We use the Class Code xw7kus for today's workshop. Here's a Google Classroom Cheat Sheet.

Pic Collage is an app for combining images with text. You can save your creations to your Camera Roll by clicking the Share button.

ThingLink is an app and website for creating interactive images. Choose any image and add targets/hotspots to the image. Each target can display text, a video, web link, or an image. You can sign up for an Edu account as a teacher and create accounts for students. Read more about this at FreeTech4Teachers.