Google Translate app - Type or speak to have your words translated to a different language

iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone run iOS.

More Opportunities Belong in Learning Environments

Restart an Apple device by pressing and holding down the Sleep button until you see Slide to Power Off. Slide and wait for the device to shut down. To power on, press and hold the Sleep button until you see the Apple logo.

Create nametags at

Text Tips 

  • You can turn off autocorrect in the Settings app.
  • Double-tap the space bar to enter a period and space.
  • Shake to undo.
  • Touch and hold to see the magnifying loop.
  • Touch, hold, and release or double-tap text so you can select it.
  • When selected, you can copy text.
  • Touch, hold, and release to paste text.

Voice Memos app for audio recording.

Dragon Dictation app for turning speak into text.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary app can be spoken to.

Idea Sketch app can be used for mind mapping.

Take photos or video with the Camera app. Photos and videos are saved into the Photos app and can be used by other apps.

Save an image in Safari by touching and holding an image until the Save button appear. Images are saved into the Photos app and can be used in other apps.

Take screenshot by holding down the Home button while quickly pressing and releasing the Sleep button. Screenshots are saved in the Photos app and can be used in other apps.

Maps app has satellite and street views.

SonicPics Lite app for narrated slide shows. Can use up to 3 photos in this free version.

Splice app for combining images, video, and text into a movie.

Talking Gina app for repeating what students say. Can be recorded and saved as a movie to the Photos app and can be used in other apps.

Browse app reviews and educational app directories at Appitic and IEAR.

Change speech into singing using the Songify app. Songify is for adult devices only.

Scan QR codes using i-nigma app.

Make QR codes at

Comic Touch Lite app makes comics. Choose an image as the background and place speech bubbles and captions on top. Can be saved to the Photos app.

Bump app for transferring photos between devices.

Up in Pieces app takes an image and turns it into a playable jigsaw puzzle.

Scribble Press app (for iPad only) makes eBook and publishes them online.

eBooks can be read in the iBooks app. for making flashcard sets.

Flashcards* app for making and viewing Flashcards sets. Sets can be imported from is the place to make Bingo boards for mobile devices and computers. is for making open-ended or multiple choice questions. Responses appear in real-time on your PC. for giving web-based quizzes and polls that looks great on a mobile device.

StoryKit app for making "books" that you read in a web broswer.

Sampled Apps: iCell, Number Line, Motion Math, Factor Samuari, GeoMasters US States, Little Speller Free

Dos and Don'ts

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