December 14, 2010. iPod Touches and iPads can be used as powerful learning tools. There are thousands of apps that can help teachers and students stay organized, interact with content, be creative, and study. Learn about educational apps and tips and tricks for using iPod Touch in classrooms.

  • Use a Google Docs form to survey students. Read how to.
  • New verbs to use with iPod touch and iPad include tap, two-finger tap, double tap, slide, swipe, flick, two-finger slide, pinch, and spread.
  • Tony uses the Point 2 View USB camera. Read more.
  • Free podcasts and iTunes U collections are available in the iTunes Store.
  • Voice Memos app requires a microphone. Great for student reflections and sound-seeing tours.
  • Download apps from the App Store.
  • Read about Apple's Volume Purchase Program for schools.
  • Take a screenshot by holding the Sleep (top) button and quickly pressing the Home button. The screen will flash and the screenshot is saved in the Photos app.
  • Street View is available in the Maps app by first tapping and holding the screen until a purple pin drops. If the orange icon is not grayed out, then tap it to be transported to Street View.
  • Quizlet.com is a free website to make and practice flash cards. The Flashcard Touch app for iPod touch can access sets created on Quizlet.com.
  • Read app reviews at iear.org.
  • Mobile Learning Experience 2011 April 6-8 in Phoenix, Arizona