CLassy Videos with Tony Vincent

Classy Videos: An Online Workshop with Tony Vincent

Are you interested in making your videos more awesome? If so, join me for an online learning experience! I am gathering a community to explore and create educational videos. I can’t wait to share my movie-making techniques, editing tips, and tool suggestions. This workshop is sure to improve the quality of your videos—videos you might use for blended learning, communicating with parents, teaching online, providing professional development, and differentiating your instruction. The next Classy Videos is planned for Spring 2020. Enter your email address into this form to receive emails about Tony Vincent’s workshops.

Summer 2019

Classy Videos runs June 18th through July 30th, 2019. Each week I record a new video and post it in the Classy Videos' Google Classroom. You watch the video when it's convenient for you. You also have the option to complete each week's assignment.

Six Topics

Each week features a topic, related tools, and an optional assignment. The weekly videos will be between 40 and 60 minutes in length. The focus for Classy Videos is on teacher-created productions, but most of what you learn will also apply to student-created videos. The topics are:

  1. 🎬 Making Sticky Media

  2. 🎙 Narrating Effectively

  3. 💁 Producing Terrific Tutorials

  4. 🎞 Animating Your Ideas

  5. 📹 Documenting with Style

  6. ✂️ Filming and Editing for Clarity

Worthwhile Assignments

You get to put into practice different skills by completing practical assignments. Each week’s assignment is open-ended and completely optional. I encourage you to share your assignments with your classmates in Google Classroom. Not only will you receive feedback from your classmates but also from me. The optional assignments are:

  1. 🔎 Finding, sharing, and analyzing a sticky video

  2. 💬 Narrating a series of slides

  3. 💻 Recording a screencast

  4. 💨 Creating an animated video

  5. 🎶 Setting video clips to music

  6. 📺 Crafting a commercial or interview

Some of the things you are invited to do in Classy Videos include…

  • Learn important details about YouTube

  • Use Google Slides to package instructional videos

  • Practice the art of brevity

  • Edit a screencast

  • Create an animation

  • Make videos that are easy to understand and to remember

  • Use the illusion of multiple cameras

  • Edit with jump cuts

  • Design visuals with Google Slides

  • Explore copyright-friendly sources of audio, images, and video

  • Put thought into sound, lighting, and camera shots

  • Discover simple ideas that can make a big difference in the quality of your videos

  • Receive feedback on your assignments

  • Interact with classmates in Google Classroom and on Flipgrid

Is Classy Videos for you?

If you are interested in producing quality videos for students, parents, or colleagues, I'd say this workshop is for you. You don't have to know much about video-making apps, but you should be somewhat comfortable exploring new digital tools. Expect to experience some productive struggle as you work on your assignments.

If you are unsure about registering for Classy Videos, feel free to watch testimonials from educators who participated in Classy Videos Winter 2018. The password is ClassyVideos. [Spoiler: It got rave reviews.]

Check out the screenshots below from Classy Videos Winter 2018.

Google Classroom

If you’re not familiar with Google Classroom, participating in Classy Videos is a great way to learn. If you are currently using Google Classroom, you’ll feel right at home. 

Please note that you must use a personal Google account to join the Google Classroom for Classy Videos. Unfortunately, G Suite for Education accounts will display an error when joining the Classy Videos classroom.

Software and Apps

Classmates in Classy Videos end up using a variety of web-based and mobile apps to create different kinds of videos. Some of the free apps featured in Classy Videos include WeVideo, Adobe Spark Video, MySimpleShow, Screencastify, Splice Video Editor, GoPro Quik, PowToon, and WeVideo. We are also sure to see many other apps in action in our classmates’ assignments.

The video on this page was made using As part of the workshop, I demonstrate how I crafted it with the help of WeVideo. WeVideo is web-based and works on Macintosh, Windows, and Chromebook computers. WeVideo has a 30 day free trial, but you won't want to begin the trial until Week 3 of Classy Videos.

Ultimately, the themes of engaging your audience and creative communication are much bigger takeaways from Classy Videos than the movie-making software and apps.

Apps and tools used in Classy Videos

After Registering

After registering you will immediately receive an email with directions for joining the class in Google Classroom. If you have trouble joining the class please email There's not much in the Google Classroom right now, but that will change after I post the first video and assignment on July 3, 2018.

Upon completion of Classy Videos, you’ll receive a certificate where you can input the number of hours you invested in the workshop (most likely between 10 and 20 hours). You'll also earn the Classy Videos digital badge.


Begin the journey of making your videos more awesome by registering for Classy Videos!


Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment or software do I need?

  • 👤 Personal Google Account
  • 📱 iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • 👩‍💻 A Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer
  • 📶 Internet access
  • 📈 A growth mindset

While not required, it would be helpful to have a tripod and tripod mount for your smartphone.

WeVideo is one of the Classy Videos' main apps. WeVideo does provide a free plan, but that plan is limited. While a paid WeVideo membership is not a requirement for Classy Videos, you’ll probably want to purchase a WeVideo membership to use for some of your assignments. One month is $10, and you can purchase a year for $96. If you're on a budget, OpenShot is a free and open source software alternative to WeVideo. It runs on Mac and Windows computers. And, of course, iMovie is a good option for Macintosh users. Don't worry—I'll address multiple options during Classy Videos.

Can I join the Google Classroom class with a G Suite for Edu account?

Unfortunately, you cannot. G Suite Edu and Business accounts will display an error when joining the Classy Videos classroom.

Can I take this workshop for college credit?

Classy Videos is not offered for college credit. However, you will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge.

Why are you charging for this workshop?

Planning an online workshop like Classy Videos takes an extraordinary amount of time. And so does producing the weekly videos and providing feedback on assignments. I'm self-employed and offering online workshops is one of my sources of income.

How do I pay?

After clicking the Register button, you'll be asked for details about the person enrolling in Classy Videos. After clicking Register again, you'll be prompted for credit card payment information. The credit card can be the individual's, school's, or district's card.

If your school is paying and requires a purchase order or check, please email and we'll work out the details.

Am I required to keep pace with the class?

Nope. People have different preferences when it comes to online learning. Some like to keep pace with the instructor and post their weekly assignments on schedule. Others prefer to go at their own pace, watching videos and completing assignments on their own schedule, perhaps taking months to complete the workshop. Still others might wait until after all six weekly videos have been released and binge watch all the content. All three approaches are A-OK in Classy Videos. While I think you get the most from the workshop by keeping pace with me, there’s no pressure to feel rushed. You’ll have access to the Classy Videos class in Google Classroom, the weekly videos, and all the resources for years to come (but I hope you don’t take that long to complete the workshop).

How long will I have access to the class and its resources?

You’ll have access to the Classy Videos class in Google Classroom, the weekly videos, and all the resources for years to come. I want everything to remain online as a resource for you.

Am I required to appear on camera?

Every assignment is optional, so, no, you do not ever have to appear on camera. However, I hope that you’ll want to make an appearance in your video assignments. Seeing your face can help learners make a connection with you and your content.

What is your refund policy?

Because class size is limited, there are no refunds after the class has started.

I registered for a past Classy Videos workshop. I wasn't able to participate. Can I be a part of the upcoming workshop?

Email me to arrange a 50% discount for having been registered for a previous Classy Videos workshop.

I'm really busy in February and March. Will you be offering Classy Videos again?

I do plan to offer another Classy Videos workshop, but it won't be until 2019. Click here to sign up to be notified about my online workshops.

Can I email you a question?

For sure! Send any questions about Classy Videos to

Get notified about future workshops.