Classy Graphics with Google Drawings Fall 2017

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Information about Classy Graphics Fall 2017....

Join Tony Vincent for an online learning experience this fall! Tony is again gathering a community of educators to explore graphic design with Google Drawings. He has plenty of techniques, tools, and examples to share.

The class is six weeks and takes place September 19 through October 31, 2017. Each week Tony records a new video and posts it in Google Classroom. You decide when you’ll watch the weekly video and complete the optional assignment.

The Classy Graphics Google Classroom will be abuzz with discussions, feedback, and resources every week! 


Fall 2017

The class officially begins September 19th and ends October 31st. However, the Google Classroom will continue to be available after the class concludes. Plan to spend anywhere between 8 and 36 total hours on this class—the assignments are open-ended, so you might spend extra time designing something you will put to good use.

Is this class for you?

Do you want to jazz up your social media posts? Want to design better newsletters and flyers? Are you ready to step up your graphic design skills? Want to improve the look of your website or blog? Interested in creating interactive learning activities? Then Classy Graphics with Google Drawings is for you! Teachers, administrators, coaches, secretaries, and anyone who wants to improve their graphic design skills are invited to join.

If you're new to Google Drawings, you'll get the chance to learn and practice while completing weekly assignments. Tony won't be in the same room as you, but he will offer help through email, comments, and screencasts.

If you're a Google pro, you'll get the chance to infuse design skills and third party tools into your workflow.


Educators who have participated in Classy Graphics have lots of nice things to say about the online class. Whether they were new to Google Drawings or they thought they knew it all, classmates in Classy Graphics learned and grew as teachers and designers. Read and watch their testimonials.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Logo

If you’re not familiar with Google Classroom, this is a great way to learn about it. If you are a teacher who uses Google Classroom, you’ll feel right at home, and you’ll also get to experience a class from a student’s point of view. The simplicity of Google Classroom means that we can focus our time on learning, practicing, and sharing.

Please note that you must use a personal Google account to join the Google Classroom for Classy Graphics. Unfortunately, G Suite Edu accounts will display an error when joining the classroom.

Google Drawings

Google Drawings Logo

Google Drawings is one of Google's free online productivity tools. Most of what you learn in Google Drawings can be transferred to the other G Suite apps, and you’ll gain valuable graphic design skills that you can put to use in PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, and other design apps.

Google Drawings works on Chromebooks, Macintosh, and Windows computers. There is not a version of Google Drawings for iPad, however some of the drawing options can be found in the Google Slides app.

Google Drawings can't do everything we'd like it to do, so Tony also demonstrates an assortment of free tools to use in conjunction with Google Drawings.

Assignments from Spring 2007

Weekly Videos

Tony Vincent is well known for his screencasts and instructional videos. Each week he records a new video and posts it in Google Classroom. Videos for Classy Graphics are edited to be clear and concise, and include assignments, questions, and tips from classmates. Each of the six weekly videos will be about 40 minutes in length. Tony time stamps each video so that you can skip directly to specific topics. The videos are uploaded to YouTube in high resolution 1080p HD.

Weekly Topics

One video will be posted each week. Design topics include:

  1. 🎛  Arranging, aligning, distributing
  2. 🏁  Designing in black and white
  3. 🖼  Working with images
  4. 🎨  Designing with color
  5. 📊  Creating infographics and cheatsheets
  6. 🎓  Crafting learning activities

Weekly Assignments

There are no grades in Classy Graphics, and each assignment is optional. However, you’ll want to complete them because they involve creating something that you can put to good use. The time you spend on an assignment will not only be an opportunity to practice the skills introduced in each week’s video, but you’ll have created a useful product. Assignments include designing:

  • a graphic organizer
  • custom sticky notes
  • a colorful social media graphic
  • an informational flyer
  • a stylish collage
  • a web page or social media header
  • an infographic or cheat sheet
  • an interactive classroom activity

Not only does Tony Vincent provide feedback on your assignments, you’ll get feedback from your classmates and see what they have designed. In fact, one of the best things about Classy Graphics is that you’re sure to be inspired by your classmates’ creations.

In the slideshow below you can see thumbnails of examples of assignments created and shared by classmates in the Summer 2017 Classy Graphics course.

What You Get

Classy Graphics is a unique learning opportunity, and the format allows you to take away a lot of good stuff, including:

Tony Vincent in a computer
  • inspirational ideas
  • refined skills
  • networking with a community of eager learners
  • samples you can copy to your Google Drive
  • helpful feedback on your creations
  • answers to your questions
  • continued access to the class and all materials 
  • certificate of completion (for between 3 and 16 class hours)
  • Accomplished Designer digital badge

After Registering

After registering you will be able to download a PDF with directions for joining the class in Google Classroom. If you have trouble joining the class please email You will need to join the Google Classroom using a personal Google account. G Suite Edu account are not able to join Classy Graphics in Google Classroom.

Contact Tony

Classy Graphics is also a one or two day in-person workshop. Please contact Tony Vincent if you’re interested in having him lead a workshop at your school, organization, or event. You’re also welcome to contact with him any questions the class. His email is


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