#BYOTchat – Project-Based Learning

February 28, 2013

Bring Your Own Technology Chat happens every Thursday from 9:00-10:00 PM (EST) on Twitter using the hashtag #BYOTchat. You can view tweets from the chat by searching Twitter for the keyword #BYOTchat. The problem with a Twitter search is that you have to keep refreshing to see new tweets tagged #BYOTchat. So, instead of searching I recommend going to TweetChat where you type  BYOTchat at the top of the page. New tweets will automatically show up. Be sure to Sign In in the top-right corner so that you can participate. Remember, when you want others to see your tweet, include #BYOTchat somewhere in the 140 characters.

I have the privilege of moderating tonight's chat. Below are questions I'll pose throughout the hour. I will tweet out these questions and will include their labels Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.

When you are responding to one of these questions, start your answer tweet A1, A2, A3, etc. to indicate what you are replying to. Please wait to reply to a question until it is asked in the chat. Thank you!


  • Q1: Many teachers think they are doing PBL when in fact it is not. What do you think is essential to true project-based learning?
  • Q2: Complete this phrase: It's not project-based learning if...
  • Q3: Why PBL? Explain in 130 characters or less. (You need 10 so that you can include #BYOTchat)
  • Q4: What other name might you give project-based learning? (i.e. Student-centered learning? Creation-based learning? Explorations?)
  • Q5: Finish this simile: Project-based learning without technology is like…

I like to break project-based learning down into three stages, so I've organized our questions that way.


  • Q6: What advice do you have for crafting deep and open-ended driving questions?
  • Q7: Share a fantastic driving question.
  • Q8: How do you get students excited for a project?
  • Q9: How do you make sure standards are met in the process of answering the driving question?


  • Q10: How can we make the investigation go beyond simply doing a Google search?
  • Q11: What are strategies or tools for tracking group/student progress on the project?
  • Q12: What ideas do you have for infusing information literacy into projects?


  • Q13: Please tell us about some of the best projects your student have done. Better yet, link to the final product!
  • Q14: How do you ensure high-quality final products?
  • Q15: What if a project isn't good?


  • Q16: Complete this phrase: The best PBL advice I have is...

You might notice that I prefix my tweets with @tonychats. By starting with a username that no one else follows, I can filter out tweets from my followers' timelines. Only those who visit my Twitter page or those who are searching for #BYOTchat will see my tweets. I do this because moderating a chat can generate a lot of tweets and I don't want my followers to feel spammed.

After the chat, I will include some of my favorite tweets on this page. The entire conversation will be archived at byotchat.com.