Learning in Hand Update

I've spend quite a while over the last couple of months transferring Learning in Hand from a static HTML site to a using a content management system (Squarespace to be exact). This update means that most of the URLs have changed, so please contact me if you cannot find something you know was on Learning in Hand previously.

My work on the site is certainly not done.  In fact, it's just beginning! The change means that I no longer have to use Dreamweaver on my laptop to post--I can post by logging into the site on any computer. I am enjoying that like a wiki, I can click Edit on any page to instantly make changes. If you want to see what's recently been changed or added, visit Learning in Hand's Recent Changes page.

Learning in Hand started as a page on my fifth grade classroom website.  The website was named Planet 5th by my students and I wrote about our use of Palm handhelds in a section called Handhelds in the Classroom. The section was renamed Learning in Hand and grew and grew to be hundreds of pages. When I stopped teaching fifth grade in 2004, Learning in Hand became its own website.

Leonardo DaVinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that's what I've always tried to do with this site. I want to keep things simple, uncluttered, and easy to find. Most importantly, I want the content to inspire educators to help students learn in engaging, motivating, and creative ways. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back!