Chatting About Pencils on Twitter

Educators on Twitter have been posting tweets about pencils. In fact, hundreds of messages are on Twitter have been tagged with #pencilchat. It doesn't sound very interesting to chat about graphite in a wooden holder, right? Well, the allegories, absurdities, and awesomeness of these tweets are not to be missed!

It all started with John Spencer. He says, "I wrote a few tweets with the hashtag #pencilchat, not expecting anything more than a few retweets and some banter with fellow techie-luddites. Malyn Mawby joined in, along with a few of her followers and all of a sudden there was a conversation."

The conversation about pencils exploded from there. Not only do these tweets show insight, inventiveness, and imagination, but they demonstrate the power of hashtags. You don't have to follow people on Twitter to view their tweets with a hashtag like #pencilchat. Simply go to and do a seach for #pencilchat.

Here's just a sampling of what's been posted:!/erinneo/status/142481984655081472!/timbuckteeth/status/142757359385714689!/tgwynn/status/142703910803603457!/skibtech/status/143037107127070720!/andreareid/status/143069611573780480!/emergentmath/status/143040760776900608!/mcleod/status/142477445042417664!/srtasmith9/status/143017150972567553!/wmchamberlain/status/142667965924519936!/bmob1111/status/143013661034811393!/mrlosik/status/142454361333833729!/allen_shawn/status/143144332860461057!/ransomtech/status/142988224099397632!/kelownagurl/status/142768009470160897!/pammoran/status/142551218215067648!/simon_elliott/status/143043326919196673

Other hastags you might be interested in include #edapp for sharing educational apps, #iear and #slide2learn for mobile learning, and #edchat for selected topics about education. There's also #EduWin for sharing daily successes. And, who knows what other hashtags will become a Twitter sensation in the future!

Update: Now there's #jedichat where educators are using Star Wars references.