8 Useful and/or Fun Twitter Tools

I've been on Twitter since February 19, 2007 and to celebrate my 10,000th follower, I'd like to share some interesting Twitter tools.

When Did You Join Twitter?

No, I don't recall the exact date I first signed into Twitter.  I typed my username into whendidyoujointwitter.com, and it let me know when I created my account.

My Tweet 16

Enter a username to view their first 16 tweets. I'm very embarrassed by my first tweets.


Type in a Twitter username to see their most popular tweets.

Strawberry Jam

See the most popular links that have been mentioned by those you follow on Twitter.

Twitter Tussle

Compare the frequency of words or phrases mentioned on Twitter.


Add a bunch of tweets into Buffer and it will share them for you throughout the day.


Type in a hashtag or other Twitter search and the results are presented fullscreen and animated. This is great for displaying tweets during an event.

When Do They Sleep?

Enter a Twitter username into sleepingtime.org, and it will determine the user's approximate sleeping schedule based on when he or she is least active on Twitter. It's actually pretty accurate for my sleeping time.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and an even bigger thank you to those I follow! I cannot begin to tell you how much I've learned from Twitter over the years.