Top Web Links, Tweets & Instagram Posts from 2016

Best of 2016

Everyday I share links on Twitter and Facebook that may be helpful to teachers. I post links using my very own URL shortener called This not only makes a short and cute web address, it also tracks the number of clicks each URL receives. This means I can easily see the most popular links I shared during 2016. 

It looks like 2016 was the year of online assessment tools. My most popular tweet and post featured 15 formative assessment tools. 2016 saw a growing number of these kinds of tools.

For me, 2016 was about building up a bank of friendly glanceable graphics about technology for teachers. I first post my infopics on Instagram, and I use them in tweets, blog posts, presentations, and online handouts. Scroll down to see my top Instagram posts from 2016. Also below are my top web links for the year and my most popular tweets from each month of 2016.

Let's see what got the most clicks...

And now my top tweets from each month of 2016...

And now the 10 top Instagram posts from 2016...

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