Stick Around is Free December 15th & 16th!

My iPad app, Stick Around was free for only two days. The app is back at its regular price of $2.99 (or $1.49 through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program).

Stick Around empowers teachers, students, and parents to design, play, and share labeling, sorting, and matching games. It has been used in hundreds of classrooms and is often mentioned by students as their favorite educational app. 

Stick Around has been in the App Store for exactly a year. Before that, it took a team of people almost two years to design, code, and test. In fact, I started working with the geniuses at MorrisCooke, the app design studio that makes Explain Everything, in May 2011. You can read the story behind Stick Around.

As I have discovered, creative apps like Stick Around are costly to develop. The graphic design and programming costs for Stick Around were over $50,000 and it takes even more money to support it and add features. After a year in the App Store, we have earned back less than half of the development costs.

Why did we offer Stick Around at a 100% discount? We think getting it into the hands of more users will lead to future sales. We want to see Stick Around in many more classrooms. In fact, the bulk of Stick Around’s sales are through the Education Volume Purchase Program. We hope that those that get the app while it’s free will use it, love it, and recommend it to others.

If you are new to Stick Around, watch the videos in this YouTube playlist.

In addition to the videos, there are more Stick Around resources, include my new infographic to help you get to know Stick Around.

We don’t plan to discount Stick Around in the future. $2.99 retail and $1.49 volume purchase is a pretty good deal. There are no in-app purchases and future updates are free.

If Stick Around can get more popular and generate a profit, then we’ll have the funds to add exciting new features. We’d also love to bring Stick Around to Android and other platforms. 

The sale ended at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 16th. Of course, Stick Around is still available on the App Store at the bargain price of $2.99. 😊