NASA's Do-It-Yourself Podcast

DIY PodcastNASA is providing some raw digital materials for students that they can combine to make videos, audio recordings, and slide shows about selected science topics. They are calling this a Do-It-Yourself Podcast.

Currently there are three topics: Lab Safety, Newton's Laws, and Spacesuits. For each topic, NASA provides video clips, audio clips, images, and information. Students can edit together what NASA provides with their own video, voice, and/or images. Software like iMovie, MovieMaker, GarageBand, Audacity, and PowerPoint could be used for the do-it-yourself podcast.

I think it's exciting to see the final products with a project like this. Although students have access to the same digital materials, each and every project will turn out differently. NASA encourages teachers to share students' products online in the form of a podcast. If it's a movie I think a great place to share it online is TeacherTube.

NASA has a blog dedicated to giving teachers guidance for the Do-It-Yourself Podcast. In addition, the blog will let the world know when new topics are added.