Styluses for iPhone and iPod touch

When I first saw that companies were selling styluses for iPhone and iPod touch, I laughed. After all, these tiny computers are designed to be used with a finger, not a stick. But, as I download more and more drawing applications, I'm finding I don't draw very well with my finger. I actually want a stylus for my iPod. The problem is that a regular stylus does not work on the iPod touch's screen--a special kind of stylus is required. I found three styluses that could be used and ordered one. I wasn't incredibly happy with it, so I ordered the other two.

I made a video (TeacherTube / YouTube) in which I share my thoughts on the three styluses I purchased. Not only because I think the information might be helpful, but because I wanted to experiment with making videos about iPod touch. I used ScreenFlow to simultaneously record my iPod touch and me. Then the software allowed me to integrate the video and add graphics. Despite the few times I misspoke, I'm pretty pleased with the final product. I'm hoping to make videos like this one about some of my favorite educational applications for iPod touch.

Stylus ordering info: Soft-Touch Stylus, Japanese Touch Pen Stylus, and Pogo iPhone Stylus.