Making Technology Work for You Workshop

Workshop HandoutI spent today at Wisconsin's CESA #4 with about 30 school administrators in a workshop called Making Technology Work for You, the Administrative Leader. Here's the description:

As a classroom teacher and technology specialist, Tony Vincent propelled his school, Willowdale Elementary, to a leadership role in educational technology. Tony has valuable tips and advice for administrators for encouraging the use of technology for teaching and learning. Experience the latest technologies like handheld computing, blogging, podcasting, and RSS. Find out how administrators can use these new tools to do their jobs and to set an example for teachers and students. Discover practical, doable, and engaging ways these new technologies and method of communication are being used in classrooms. You'll leave with solid examples to inspire teachers! Bring your laptop and Palm handheld if you got one because there will be hands-on activities!
It was a pleasure to sharing my favorite tools: handheld computers, iPods, blogs, RSS, social bookmarks, and podcasting. If you would like to see more of what I covered in the workshop, check out the links we used today and/or download the handout. I like to make my handouts so that workshop participants have room to take their own notes, although I've already filled in some notes, specifically web addresses.

One look at the agenda and you can see that it was a fast-paced day. The 30 administrators have a lot to digest. In fact, as a reflection activity, participants are writing comments to this post to share what they have learned and what they plan to do about it.