Five Things

HatEducational bloggers are playing a game where they "tag" other bloggers. If you are tagged, then you must tell about five things others may not know about you and tag five more bloggers. Kathy Schrock tagged me, so here are five things about Tony Vincent you may not know:

  • Each year I taught fifth grade I would throw a "News Year's" party on the first day of school. In fact, this is a great time of year to buy discounted New Year's party supplies for next school year. During my first day of teaching, I was so nervous that during the News Year's party, I left the classroom, vomited, and came back. Not a single student noticed that I was gone as they were busy eating snack cakes and drinking 7-Up.
  • In seventh grade I had the option of going to Washington D.C. on a class trip for $500. Instead, I used my hard-earned money to buy a pre-owned Apple IIc computer that I used all of the way through my sophomore year of college.
  • When I was a kid, my friends and I would ride with our backs on our skateboards up a sewer drain near my house. Up the tunnel about 30 yards was a manhole. It served as a fun "fort." Down a few feet from the hole was a gutter, out of which we'd stick out our hands and have people think we were trapped in the gutter.
  • One of my two cats, Tucker, has to be in the bathroom each time I shower. If I lock him out of the bathroom, he urinates on the door. So, in the interest of cleanliness, I have an audience when I shower.
  • In high school I prided myself on earning straight As. Much to my disappointment, I did earn one B. The class? Computers! The teacher would give quizzes that were only three questions long. If you missed one question, you'd fail. This experience really affected how I graded my own students--which was hopefully more fair.
I'm "tagging" these bloggers to tell five things in their blogs and tag five more bloggers: Rolly Maiquez, Karen Fasimpaur, Dale Ehrhart, Lynne Wolters, and Debbie Lyles.