Soft Reset #18: Quizzler

Soft Reset LogoSoft Reset #18 is online! The episode is about Quizzler, software that works with Palm handhelds, Pocket PCs, Windows, Macintosh, iPods, and the web—so just about everyone can put Quizzler to good use. John Covele, the developer of Quizzler, joins Tony and Mike to tell about Quizzler's new features.

Show Notes:

  • Tony's Tip: When making eBooks and quizzes for handhelds, keep all of the files you used to create your content. You never know when you need to make changes to the original.
  • Mike's Tip: Rename Palm .prc files to indicate different versions of applications. Also, backup your files online for free at at AOL's Xdrive.
  • Palm users can make quizzes on their handhelds using Quizzler 4. Here's a handout to help.
  • Learn about Quizzler 5's new features.
  • Quizzler Maker for Mac & Windows. Create quizzes with 10 questions or less for free. Export quizzes to Palm handhelds, Pocket PCs, iPods, and the web pages. Here's a screenshot.
  • Quizzler Pro Website from Pocket Mobility, Inc.
  • Quizzler Server: Collect scores wirelessly & turn your handhelds into a set of clickers.
  • Free Quizzler Quiz Library.
  • Download Quizzler software.
  • Visit Soft Reset's Discussion Forum to discuss the show!
  • Leave a voicemail for us to play on the show! 206-333-1942
  • Email Tony and Mike at

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