More Blogging from NECC

San Diego Convention CenterAlthough thousands educators no longer inhabit the San Diego Convention Center, the National Educational Computing Conference continues online. Dozens of bloggers have and continue to blog about the annual conference. I've been keeping up on blogs from NECC by subscribing to this Technorati tag search for "NECC". There were several session about handheld computing that I didn't get a chance to attend, but others did blog about them. Here is a rundown of some of the blog posts:

Handheld acceleration in Missouri!
from eLearning Blog
Julie Lindsay from Bangladesh attended a session by Mark Yehle and Stacey Franks from SuccessLink in Missouri. SuccessLink is a state-wide agency that finds best practices and resources and disseminates them to educators. They see great power in handhelds and have spread handheld computing across the state. Mark and Stacey admit that web browsing on a handheld is quite limited. Julie write about some of the handheld computing activities that were shared.

NECC 2006: Ubiquitous Computing Session
from Ubiquitous Thoughts
Mark van 't Hooft from Ohio took detailed notes during this session about everyone, everywhere computing.

NECC 2006 - Day 2a
from The EdTech Advantage
Rolly Maiquez from Guam blogged the session “Playing the Part: Using Handhelds in Participatory Simulations” presented by Betsy Frederick. Rolly tells about the virus simulation from MIT. Everyone participated using a Palm handheld.

Live Blogging: I Learn, therefore, iPod
from The TechSavvy Teacher
Jason from Montana reviewed a session about using video iPods with middle school students. Besides doing the typical stuff with iPods (audio, video, podcasting, and photos), they used Zelek Software's iPod Flash Cards software. It sounds like the project took all of its cues from best instructional practices.

iLearn, Therefore iPod
from Bethany's Education Blog
Bethany from North Carolina also wrote about the same session Jason attended. She clarifies that the iPod Flash Card software from Zelek works with either Mac or Windows. The presenters loaded iPods with audio and video to build students' background knowledge before reading Diary of Anne Frank. Bethany also lists the 8 Rules of Effective Podcasting by Kirk McElhearn. I couldn't agree more with Bethany about her thoughts on Rule #8.

NECC: iPodagogy
from Pondering
iPodagogy is the study of teaching methods using iPods. Two teachers and five students from Edinburgh, Scotland presented a session and shared their findings.

iPod Ideas
from The Savvy Technologist
An extensive list of ideas generated during a workshop about iPods, iTunes, and podcasting by Tim Wilson from Minnesota.