Beaming Across the Curriculum

Debbie LylesI came in late to Debbie Lyles' NECC presentation, Beaming Across the Curriculum. You might know Debbie from her Palms for Patriots blog. She also has resources on her Palms for Patriots website. Although I missed her introduction, I really like how Debbie is showing what her high school students have done in combination with handhelds. She shared how using handhelds are integrated with Word and PowerPoint projects on desktop computers. She shared how the students' Zire 72s were used to track stocks, make blogs, produce videos, and record and listen to podcasts. Blending handheld computing with desktop computing is incredibly powerful.

Debbie also mentioned that her students used these Palm programs: eReader, Angles, Dropairs, MyCheckbook, Superlist, Quizzler, and Sketchy.

Debbie shares a valuable piece of advice: when you don't understand how to use an application, just ask! She had a hard time figuring out how to use MIT's Participating Simulations, so she emailed a question to them. Within 30 minutes she checked her email and the answer to her question was in her inbox waiting for her!

The session ended at 12:15 Pacific Time.