"Web 2.0" Discussion & More from NECC

I had the privilege of being part of panel with some great edtech thinkers: John Hendron, Thor Prichard, Will Richardson, and David Warlick. The focus of the panel discussion was "Web 2.0", which is a term to describe the next generation of services on the web. These services include blogs, podcasts, social bookmarks, online applications, and many more webby tools.

The panel discussion was part of the Special Interest Group for Technology Coordinators' (SIGTC) Member Breakfast. The notes for the discussion can be found on this wiki page. David Warlick, while sitting on the panel, live blogged the event. Or, if you have 58 minutes, you could listen to the MP3 recording of the panel discussion.

For more of what you are missing at this year's National Education Computing Conference , click here for up-to-the-minute blog posts and photos. It's all arranged in reverse chronological order and represents content from many different people and blogs--all aggregated in one place. How's that for "Web 2.0" for ya?