Blogger ScreenshotWhen you use a blogging service like Blogger, you may want to know some basic HTML codes so that your posts can contain text formatting, hyperlinks, and images. HTML codes contain a beginning tag and a closing tag that are enclosed in greater than and less than symbols.

Bold Text
To make text bold, you'll type:
I <b>really</b> love my handheld.
And this is what is displayed:
I really love me handheld.

Hyperlinked Text
To make hyperlinked text, you'll enter:
<a href="/">Tony's website</a> is helpful.
And this is what is displayed:
Tony's website is helpful.

Read Basic HTML Tags for lots more tags you could use in a blog post. If you are a Windows user, you can download the free Blogger for Word add-in. Format your entry in Word and send it to your Blogger account. Personally, I compose my blog post in Dreamweaver (the web editor I use for I then copy and paste the code generated by Dreamweaver into a new Blogger post. On the other hand, I could email that code to Blogger and my post will be made for me (this works well for blogging from a handheld). Many of these same tricks work for other blogging services as well.