Poll: Palm or Windows Mobile?

Which handheld operating system do you use? Please answer Palm if you use any device that uses the Palm Operating System like a Palm TX, Tungsten, Treo, or Dana. Please answer Windows Mobile if you use a Pocket PC handheld like an iPaq or Axim. If you're like me and use both operating systems, go ahead and answer Both. If you don't use a handheld, choose None. Be sure to click the Vote button to register your response. I look forward to the results--I'm really interested in what readers of this blog use.

By the way, I'm using Blogpoll for the voting. It's one of many free online survey services. Of course, you might notice the "view results" page of the poll is splattered with text ads but at least it is free. I see Blogpoll as a great way to add interactivity to a school and class website.