Soft Reset #9: Installing Lots of Files

Soft Reset LogoHaving 30, 60, or hundreds of handheld can sure be a lot of work! Can you image having to routinely sync each of them to a desktop computer each time you wish to install applications and documents? Soft Reset Show #9 features technical strategies that experienced handheld-using educators use to make handhelds a bit more manageable. As a bonus, listen for Mike's manipulative way to convince students to delete applications.

Show Notes:
  • Judy from Ten Sleep, Wyoming introduces the show. She works at Ten Sleep's school and is learning to use her Palm LifeDrive, along with the rest of the school's staff.
  • Tony's Tip: Don't put an expansion card upside down or backwards. Never force the card in. Remember that card slots are spring-loaded, so you actually push the card down to get it to pop out.
  • Mike's Tip: Check help menus and websites for help, tips, and instructions for using software.
  • FileZ for Palm.
  • FlyZip for Palm & LightNZip for Palm.
  • BeamPro for Palm.
  • Stability Test for Palm.
  • Grant Street Software's SD Deploy for Palm, SD Deploy for Windows Mobile and SD Express for Palm.
  • Mike's Pocket PC Alternative for SD Express.
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