Gadgets Galore

EdTechConnectDiscovery Education has launched a free webinar series called EdTechConnect. Kathy Schrock presented a session yesterday titled "The Magic of Technology Gadgets for Educators" on EdTechConnect. Here's a description:

The "gadget queen" will present the must-have technology gadgets for educators. Framing it with "the way it was" and "the way it is now", participants will explore everything from storage devices to tablet PC's and everything in between! Teachers will come away with an idea of how technology can "magically" help them both in the classroom and in their personal lives.
So you missed Kathy's presentation about dozens of interesting gadgets? You're in luck because the webinar is archived on this page. It's an hour long slide show, complete with audio and participants' questions. Kathy also provides links to each gadget she speaks about.