Extra Graffiti Strokes Reference

Extra Graffiti 2 StrokesJust as they post manuscript and cursive alphabets for student reference, many handheld-using teachers post Graffiti 2® alphabet and number references in their classrooms. I created a PDF that anyone can download, print, and cut out. Posting the Graffiti 2 strokes with the alphabet reference classroms already have is great for students. They don't have to access the help screen or fumble for handouts; it's only 60° head turn away.

The PDF I've provided only has letters and numbers. Chris Cuppett, a technology integration coach from Wicomico Schools in Maryland, has made a document with 18 more Graffiti 2 strokes, including many for punctuation and mathematics. You can download it here. Chris sent me some photos of how he posts the Graffiti strokes outside of his office. Click for larger photos. (Chris is author of the new book, Handheld Applications for the Classroom, FYI)