Screen Protectors

Screen ProtectorThere's an interesting forum post on by the site's editor Bob R. titled Thoughts on Screen Protectors. Bob gives advice on selecting a screen protector. He starts his post:

If you own a mobile device with a touch sensitive screen, then plain and simple you should get a screen protector. If you don't you will probably regret it because even a stylus will leave scrape marks and scratches on the screen eventually. Even more so if a piece of dirt gets on the stylus to make it act like a diamond tipped engraving tool.
I have a different opinion about screen protectors. Like MobileRead's user Paulkbiba responds in the forum, I don't see a real need for screen protectors. I have owned several handhelds and despite foregoing screen protectors, my handhelds' screens have been scratch-free. Furthermore, the handhelds at my school have been used by fifth graders for over three years and their screens are relatively free of scratches. We haven't applied screen protectors to these devices. This makes me question the need for protectors...

The problem with screen protectors is that they can cause a glare. Since screen protectors are just clear stickers, they can also be difficult to apply. It's not easy to put them on straight. Also, bubbles can form under the sticker. I have also discovered that screens with protectors don't recognize screen taps as well. On the plus side, screen protectors seem to improve Graffiti recognition. I think that's because protectors add texture to the smooth screen and make it feel more like paper.

Read's Thoughts on Screen Protectors. What are your thoughts about screen protectors?