Soft Reset #8: Math Logic

Soft Reset LogoSoft Reset Show #8 is all about math applications that require logical thinking and problem solving skills. Tony and Mike share Palm and Windows Mobile applications that involve more than simple drill and practice. Listen for Mike to pronounce Algebraf two "different" ways. Also, please forgive us for our pronunciation of Sudoku.

Show Notes:

  • Beth Sanborn from Omaha, Nebraska introduces the show. Her fifth graders at Willowdale Elementary use Palm handhelds and they produce podcasts for Radio WillowWeb.
  • Mike's Tip: Sometimes when you beam a program, the receiver cannot launch the application. There problem may be that the program requires an additional piece of software to work. For example, many Palm applications need MathLib. Although you can't see MathLib in the Applications Launcher, it does appear in the beaming list.
  • Tony's Tip: Leave us a voicemail tip at 206-333-1932! Dale left a tip about a finger accidentally touching a handheld's screen. Check out Dale's Pre-Service Teacher Blog.
  • 3-D Tic Tac Toe for Windows Mobile.
  • Algebraf for Palm.
  • TanFree for Palm.
  • Summing for Palm and Summing for Windows. Read more information about Summing here.
  • Rebus for Palm.
  • Sudoku for Palm, Sudoku for Windows Mobile, and Tony' Sudoku Everywhere blog post.
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  • Leave a voicemail for us to play on the show! 206-333-1942
  • Email Tony and Mike at
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