Podcasting in the News

Reading NewspaperLocal newspapers are beginning to report on the podcasting phenomenon. Sunday's Omaha World Herald's Let's Learn About Podcasting explains podcasting in simple terms and even has a paragraph about my school's podcast, Radio WillowWeb. In addition, the article's sidebar is about keeping inappropriate or explicit podcasts from children: Parents Should Keep an Eye on Podcasts.

The Philadelphia Inquirer published the article Podcasting is a New, Exciting Way to "Turn a Classroom Inside Out". As part of the tech.life@school section, the article quotes David Warlick of the Connect Learning podcast and Bob Sprankle, of the Room 208 podcast.

In addition to these articles, check out this Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools, and Colleges from ipodcast.org.uk. Based in the United Kingdom, you can find education-related podcasts from all over the globe!

It's also amazing to note that there are a number of podcasts devoted to Palm handhelds. This page at GrassNet lists nine different "Palm-Powered" podcasts. These podcasts tend to be somewhat technical and not geared specifically toward educators. And of course, I know you're looking forward to another episode of the education-specific Soft Reset podcast. Mike and I will be recording Episode #2 this week and it will be all about choosing a handheld.